kitchen-1224845_1920When you sell your car, you wouldn’t invite people over to view a dirty car would you? No! You would give it a clean and spruce it up ready for sale. So we think you should apply this thought to selling your home. After all your home is your greatest asset so surely you want the best price you can for it?


1) The Front Door – First Impressions DO Count!

The front door is the start to your home so ensure that its welcoming to viewers. Clean it and remove any stains or marks. If the door needs it, give it a lick of paint and make it look fresh! Also re stain the door step


 2) As you Enter

As you walk in you need to continue to make a good first impression. We advise that you let in plenty of light and keep the walls a neutral colour.  Consider adding a mirror to any dark hall way. The entrance room needs to also be clutter free, so remove anything unnecessary…such as shoes.


3) Let there be light!

Open those curtains and let the light shine through! Please remove any net curtains for viewings and photography.  There is nothing worse than a dark home. We advise that you buy new modern bulbs that offer optimal light, creating a pleasant atmosphere. You can also help light by having neutral coloured walls.


4) Clean

It may sound obvious but a clean home will always be beneficial when selling your home. Buyers want to see a clean home and will be off put by seeing ‘your’ mess in their potential new home. Clean the sheets, hoover the carpet and put your shoes away.


5) Fix it!

If you have anything in your home that doesn’t work (such as a cracked tile or light switch not working) then fix it. Potential buyers want to experience a home they can move into as hassle free as possible. Having a working house will help instill confidence in the home and help reduce any possible stress.


6) Warm up your home.

When you have potential buyers coming over make sure you have the heating on. Obviously you don’t want to create an oven, but having a warm home is incredibly inviting. Plus, you don’t want to create an impression that your home is cold. This can be very off putting; would you be interested in buying a cold home?


7) Remove foul smells

Many studies have shown that bad smells are one of the biggest off putters for prospective buyers. So remove any foul smells from your home! Clean the bin, air out the kitchen from old cooking smells and light some scented candles or air fresheners that help create a calming atmosphere


8) No Pets

Although we personally love pets, not everyone does and this can have a negative impact on your viewers. Some people have allergies to cat / dog hair so this could cause an issue, others are nerved by dogs or cats and this can put them on edge – and you do not want your views on edge if they’re thinking of buying your home. Even the pet lovers could be a problem as you don’t want them paying more attention to pet than your home.


9) The Outside

When house hunting viewers are always keen to see the garden and offering a poor outside space is going to be harmful to prospects. Just doing a bit of landscaping can transform your home and even command a higher price when you go to sell. Get some potted plants – especially by the front door entrance,  mow the lawn and patio furniture is always a plus.


Happy House Selling!



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