We purchased a property through Suzy Kirkwood and if it were not for her tenacity we honestly believe it would never have happened. We are so grateful that Suzy stuck with it for so many months to help us to get out of rented accommodation and into a new home with our children in time to apply for school for our daughter. It was an incredibly stressful experience but one which was greatly eased thanks to Suzy. She was open, communicative, honest, helpful and very kind. She went above and beyond to ensure we were able to complete on our new home. I would highly recommend her and should we ever come to sell - which certainly won’t be any time soon - we will be giving her a call.
Miss Potts
I would highly recommend Suzy. As a buyer Suzy was friendly, helpful and was great at communicating every step of the way. Both Suzy & Hazel were fantastic and very professional. Could not recommend them enough. Thank you both!
I've had both the buying and selling experience through Suzy. As a buyer 5 years ago she's friendly, welcoming and has integrity - you know your offer will be fairly communicated to the seller. As a seller this year, Suzy & Hazel are a great team. Fair market advice and reasoning from Suzy. Communication is constant, she will really push to work out the status of the chain. You really get a genuine feeling with Suzy that she's as invested in the process as you. Her reputation precedes her and my experience this autumn shows it's richly deserved.